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Outdoor Storage

What Do The Best Outdoor Storage Solutions Look Like These Days?

What are the best outdoor storage solutions for lawnmowers these days? Well, you have quite a few solutions. If you want my opinion, one thing I would not do in this day and age is to make the storage shed look like a small version of your home. I have only seen this work out well once, with my mom’s home, and it was due to rarity in design and colour. Try to pull that off in bland and luxurious brick or something similar, and it is, well, dull and boring.

So let’s say that you have a brick home then. We have already established now not to build a brick luxurious shed that looks just like your home. I had a friend that did that years ago. At the time, I thought it was neat, but it is an old idea that is completely outdated. What would be the best solution these days?

Well, you have to get creative. I just thought of a very odd and peculiar idea. Do you have land? You know how people are always saying get those extra steps in these days? Well, you could build a luxurious wooden treehouse and store items up there. When you need to get them, you get your exercise. But I digress, time for a compromise.

What do I suggest? I actually suggest building that luxurious wooden shed, yet keeping it on the ground. I also can’t help but think of what another person I know did, and it was really nice, too. Of course, they had a ranch and 100 acres. That points to the fact that you have to do what you can do based on your particular situation. Ultimately, you want to get creative with your outdoor storage solutions, taking into account both design and efficiency regarding space.