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HTML5 The future of the web is here

Written on February 28, 2018   By   in Uncategorized




Check your browser or website with this URL and see how many features your browser app support on this brand new released html 5 standard.

A perfect score is 500. My Chrome is 448. How about your favorite browser?

Today is a great day for us developers. It gives us a strong platform where we can based our apps and mostly encourage our clients and prospects about launching a mobile site and taking advantage of this awesome code. HTML5 The future of the web is here and it seems it decided to stay.

Parsing rules, Canvas, Video, Elements, Audio, Forms, User interaction, Location and Orientation, WebGL, Communication, Files, Storage, Workers, Notifications, and a few more. This is a happy day and I’m very proud I decided to became an app and web developer, even if we have to go through several challenges that not let us sit comfortably at any moment. It’s the blessing of learning and keeping our skills updated all the time!

Since I had so many hits and seems that my readers want to learn and build html5 websites and apps, I’m planning to released this coming January 2018 another set of articles on: “Want to make responsive html5 websites Tutorial”. 

I’ll probably post a short article or video about what would be the agenda for the tutorial and will also be listening to what is the most important facts and tips to get started with html5 asap.

So stay on track and leave comments, send me a message or follow me on Twitter @greengenieseo. I hope this Christmas bring us peace in our hearts, refresh our minds to be prepared to face new projects and challenges.