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Getting Started With Antique Decor In Your Home

Written on February 27, 2018   By   in Uncategorized

To me antique decor represents the unlimited bounds of imagination. It is the veins of the mind’s endless wander to sentimental yearnings, a reflection on life, an escape to the future. The environment around you is so important, it shapes your mood, behavior, and desires. For me I want the decor that tells me who I am, I already want my soul to be adjacent to it’s glow and it’s character. I saturate in the presence when I am surrounded by the proper stimuli. So antique decor to me are those objects that shape my day and my following weeks, they tell me what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going. Antique decor always remains a critical component in the road to my dreams.


Antique Furniture Essentials – Pots, Doors, Windows, Rugs

You hear the sound of chimes as you push through an old wooden door, the air is rich with the smell of coffee. But then the world starts moving around you faster than your are able to keep up with. Your heart beat gets louder and faster as the sounds around you fizzle into murmurs. You can feel your body temperature rise and your hands start to tremble. You know that within minutes the world is going to close in around you. You feel like everyone begins to notice that you are standing at the center making this all happen. All eyes are on you now. You look over at a antique copper pot hanging from the window. The hammer marks are catching the light of the sun and a donkeys tail succulent cascades over the side. You begin to notice the plants framing the window and the intricately woven Aztec style rug they are resting on. You follow the edges of the antique Aztec rug as it chases its way across the floor boards towards your feet. In that moment you inhale a deep, refreshing breath and you are reminded that all you need to do is order your cup of coffee.