How to date a kitchen hutch or cupboard ?

June 22, 2009

I’m posting a mail sent by Leslie…

I just purchased a kitchen hutch or cupboard. It looks to me like it was produced in Kansas City Missouri. It says Union Made on the back of it with the number 44. It is a cream color with two glass covered doors and red accent painted or stenciled on the inside of the glass doors.

It does have one drawer below with a red drawer pull and two small wooden doors with red door pulls below that. Also, has 1P51A8 I believe stamped on the back.

Can anyone help me to identify it’s age and tell me anything about it?

I purchased this piece at an estate sale in Arkansas this weeked. This was supposed to be her mother’s piece and I believe she stated it came from her mother’s home before that.

The daughter was about mid 60’s in age so maybe this would help you with age or date produced… It looks like it is either 40’s or 50’s to me but I really don’t know a lot about it besides that. I took a picture of the front of the cabinet and the two stamp marks located on the back of the piece. It says it was Union Made in Kansas City Missouri with the number 44. Also, has a possible part number listed on the back of the piece. I took a picture of that also for you.

On the knobs and the drawer pulls they are a type of plastic maybe melamine?

They have a small metal star in the center of the knobs and on each side of the drawer pull anchoring it through the wood. It is wood construction with glass in the top door and it has two red stencled type decoration painted from the inside of the glass door. If you could tell me what it was called or maybe when it was produced or by whom it was produced that would be awesome.

I appreciate any info you could provide.

Thanks in advance,
Leslie Jackson

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