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HTML5 The future of the web is here




Check your browser or website with this URL and see how many features your browser app support on this brand new released html 5 standard.

A perfect score is 500. My Chrome is 448. How about your favorite browser?

Today is a great day for us developers. It gives us a strong platform where we can based our apps and mostly encourage our clients and prospects about launching a mobile site and taking advantage of this awesome code. HTML5 The future of the web is here and it seems it decided to stay.

Parsing rules, Canvas, Video, Elements, Audio, Forms, User interaction, Location and Orientation, WebGL, Communication, Files, Storage, Workers, Notifications, and a few more. This is a happy day and I’m very proud I decided to became an app and web developer, even if we have to go through several challenges that not let us sit comfortably at any moment. It’s the blessing of learning and keeping our skills updated all the time!

Since I had so many hits and seems that my readers want to learn and build html5 websites and apps, I’m planning to released this coming January 2018 another set of articles on: “Want to make responsive html5 websites Tutorial”. 

I’ll probably post a short article or video about what would be the agenda for the tutorial and will also be listening to what is the most important facts and tips to get started with html5 asap.

So stay on track and leave comments, send me a message or follow me on Twitter @greengenieseo. I hope this Christmas bring us peace in our hearts, refresh our minds to be prepared to face new projects and challenges.


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Getting Started With Antique Decor In Your Home

To me antique decor represents the unlimited bounds of imagination. It is the veins of the mind’s endless wander to sentimental yearnings, a reflection on life, an escape to the future. The environment around you is so important, it shapes your mood, behavior, and desires. For me I want the decor that tells me who I am, I already want my soul to be adjacent to it’s glow and it’s character. I saturate in the presence when I am surrounded by the proper stimuli. So antique decor to me are those objects that shape my day and my following weeks, they tell me what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going. Antique decor always remains a critical component in the road to my dreams.


Antique Furniture Essentials – Pots, Doors, Windows, Rugs

You hear the sound of chimes as you push through an old wooden door, the air is rich with the smell of coffee. But then the world starts moving around you faster than your are able to keep up with. Your heart beat gets louder and faster as the sounds around you fizzle into murmurs. You can feel your body temperature rise and your hands start to tremble. You know that within minutes the world is going to close in around you. You feel like everyone begins to notice that you are standing at the center making this all happen. All eyes are on you now. You look over at a antique copper pot hanging from the window. The hammer marks are catching the light of the sun and a donkeys tail succulent cascades over the side. You begin to notice the plants framing the window and the intricately woven Aztec style rug they are resting on. You follow the edges of the antique Aztec rug as it chases its way across the floor boards towards your feet. In that moment you inhale a deep, refreshing breath and you are reminded that all you need to do is order your cup of coffee.

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With Brighton SEO Companies

Find A Brighton SEO Company With This Advice

If you are looking to hire an SEO company to help boost your website, you are in the right place. This advice will help you choose the best Brighton SEO company that can help give your website the boost it needs so it performs better for you. Keep reading the advice below and you will be able to choose a great company to help you.

Search online for a Brighton SEO agency. You may be surprised at the number of local companies that can help you. Call them to ask them any questions you have and ask them what they charge for their services. If they have a website, visit it so you can find out more about their company and how long they have been in business. This is also a great place to read testimonials and learn more about them.


Look into companies that are based online when you do your search. Look at their websites to find out more about them and how they work. You may be able to hire a great SEO company that is based online only but can help your website succeed. As BWHA – the best aussie web host of 2018 recommends, find out what you can about them by looking at the website and doing a little more research. You can search their company name and reviews on Google so you can get a better idea of what others clients that have hired them to think about them. If you are interested in hiring them, contact them through their website so you can find out what they charge and hire them for the job.

Now that you have read the advice from above, you can start seeking a Brighton SEO company that will help your website excel. Start your search now and hire the best company using this advice.

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How to Find Good Furniture for your Kitchen

How To Choose Nice Kitchen Furniture

How often have you picked out a beautiful piece of furniture only to see it fall apart in just a matter of years? This is why it is so essential to look at other aspects of the furniture than just how good it looks. To help you choose nice furniture that s going to last generations, we have the following tips to offer you. Continue reading to find out more about choosing the right furniture for your needs.


One of the first things you are going to need to look at is the overall construction of the piece you are interested in. It should be heavy and solid. If you want a beautiful piece to last for generations you are going to have to stay clear of particleboard and aluminium materials. These are cheap and tend to break after a short time of use. Keep in mind that the price should be relevant to what your expectations are for a quality made piece of furniture. For high-quality kitchen furniture visit best kitchen furniture online 2018.


When you are looking for a piece of nice furniture, try to find something that is going to stand the test of time. It is best to stay away from trends as those will never last. The best way to do so is by looking at the silhouette of the piece and see if you can imagine it being in your home for years to come. This is true with any style of furniture whether it is modern or traditional. The same applies for durable kitchen appliances, and we already recommend opting for the best quality on sites like Appliances Online – best kitchen appliances online 2018.  As you can see, it is not as hard as you would expect to get incredibly nice furniture with little time.

You just have to keep in mind the overall construction and silhouette of the piece. If you follow these two simple steps, you will have a gorgeous piece for generations to come.

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Welcome to Antiques Furniture

Welcome to Antiques Furniture UK


At Antiques Furniture, as our title suggests we specialise in beautiful antique furniture for the home. Whether you want something stunning for the kitchen, an antique telephone for the hallway, or a vintage four poster bed for the bedroom, we can help you to find the piece that you’ve been searching for.


Today, everything is very modern, too frequently made by a machine from inferior materials, that will not last. The products that we supply are something different. They are not made by machines, but instead are painstakingly crafted by the human hand. They are made from only the finest materials, and typically last many lifetimes.


Everything is a choice, we humbly recommend you choose quality every time.

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